Luz always thought he had a light inside him, turns out it was a candle.
I’m usually drug free, but shit I’m with the homies 
Top hat. Dapper. Lord Livingston.
Pepe weeps for the life he’s left behind, and the eternity he will spend con su esposa.
It’s always been rumored that The King is not dead. El Rey is proof that he isn’t.
Absolutely Pure Milk, does a body good.
Virgen de Lupe
Frankie | Likes: Long walks on the beach, holding hands, and tending to his garden.
Dislikes: Fire, angry towns people, wasabi
Beelzebub, aka Lord of the Flies, is one of the seven princes of Hell. #diadelosmuertos #dayofthedead #silverlakeartgarage

Messing around with some motion graphix

La Calavera!
Working on some cool Skull cutouts
Assembling canvases