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Sheena is a punk rocker. But you might have already known that.
I revisited the Rustler painting, since my later paintings had much more texture. I wanted to repaint an old image, thus the original on the left and a slimmer, more rustic one on the right.
An old school deck makes a great palette.
Selfie. I got wood.
Setting up the window and preparing for the opening.
Eve was brave. I really wouldn’t pick an apple that close to a snake.
ART GARAGE OPENING Come to the premiere of Fruta Fresca, a fresh crop of paintings from Nolan Lemos.
Thursday 3/27/2014 @ 7PM
Please RSVP to nolan@silverlakeartgarage.com
Two Boots Pizza! Best in La! 
Tiny Treasures
Flower Power! #slagtokens

Move over Avatar… our proficiency in advanced special effects is unmatched in our most ambitious video to date. #slagtv #slagtokens

@pharrell totally stole my hat! #slagtokens

10 GALLON HAT #slagtokens #slagtv